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Marco Gallina

Born in Italy, socialized in the Rhineland, studied history and political science in Verona and Bonn with a focus on international relations, the history of diplomacy and European history. He worked in the German Bundestag until 2021. He specializes in foreign, security and energy policy issues. Since 2021, he is redactor for the liberal-conservative magazine 'Tichys Einblick'.

Country Report: Germany, January 2023

Germany's desperate search for geopolitics

Marco Gallina

8 min

In the stranglehold of the climate extremists

At the carnival parade in Düsseldorf, one float caught the eye: it showed a member of the climate extremist "Last Generation" fighting a “car monster”. Düsseldorf thus adopted the common narrative of "David against Goliath" and assigned the role of heroes to the extremists - not least because the slogan underneath, "Who's the climate terrorist here?" made it clear that the CO2 guzzlers are responsible, not the activists.

Marco Gallina

5 min

The German migration policy does not want to grow up - yet

It is not only regarding energy policy that Germany remains in a Peter Pan mode for the time being: several events this month have revealed that Berlin, despite its immense burdens, is reluctant to push through a more pragmatic and far-sighted immigration policy.

Marco Gallina

10 min