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In Vino Veritas. On Blind Testing and the Culture of the Symposium

The world’s best violin is called “Opus 58” and comes from the studio of Swiss master violin maker Michael Rohnheimer.

Paweł Ćwikła

15 min

Frankfurt School and the Social Disorder

In the last half of the century, a social disorder, emerged in Western societies.

Edward Sołtys

15 min

Cursed intellectuals – Raymond Aron and Roger Scruton

Raymond Aron and Roger Scruton hardly shared anything besides the English Channel.

Marcin Gacek

15 min

Scruton and Revolutions - Between History and Farce. From Edmund Burke to Malcolm Bradbury

The year 1789 is commonly – and naturally – associated with the French Revolution, dubbed “the Great Revolution.”

Krzysztof Łęcki

12 min

Sir Roger Scruton - "Beauty, Piety and Desecration" - an Elegiac Recollection in Tranquility

It is immensely difficult to write about an erudite scholar and philosopher such as Sir Roger Scruton since his great pageant of interests, intellectual involvements and possible specialties makes one at once question the fundamental character of his motivations.

Ewa Borkowska

15 min

Scruton on Modernity, Tradition and the Paradox of T.S. Eliot

For any early 20th century Western conservative, after the fall of the ancien regime in 1918, and the breakthrough of the modernist paradigm in politics, society and culture, to reconcile modernity and tradition was a probing task.

Ferenc Hörcher

15 min

The Significance of Roger Scruton's Philosophy 

Sir Roger Scruton (1944-2020) remains a figure of inspiration to authors representing various fields of knowledge, who readily consult his works on political philosophy, the history of philosophy, ethics and aesthetics, and music.

Piotr Wróblewski

4 min

Conservatism for Europe, against Radicalism

What is the significance of conservatism for contemporary Europe? Do think- ers such as Roger Scruton, to whom this book is dedicated, have any influence on the course of events, on Europe, on the European Union?

Zdzisław Krasnodębski

15 min

The Biblical and Christian Roots of Western Democracy

There is a lot of historical myopia in the West today: a lot of historical forgetting and even more historical ignorance.

George Weigel

10 min

Main Currents in Roger Scruton's Philosophy

Scruton believed that tradition was a living thing that changed, not in response to clamours for novelty, but on the basis of previously unforeseen problems.

Mark Dooley

12 min