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Ewa Borkowska

Professor of British literature and culture at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia. She has published over 60 articles on topics related to English, German, Irish and Polish literature, aesthetics with elements of music, philosophy and visual arts. She participated in numerous national and international conferences in Poland, Europe and the USA. For many years she conducted seminars and lectures, as well as doctoral courses, at the University of León in Spain; cooperates with Salem State University, MA, USA. She also cooperates with the Academy of Music in Katowice (conferences, guest lectures). She is the author of three books: Philosophy and Rhetoric: A Phenomenological Study of G.M. Hopkins' Poetry, From Donne to Celan, 1990; Logo(theo)logical Patterns in Poetry, 1995 and At the Threshold of Mystery. Poetic Encounters with Other(ness) (Peter Lang, 2005), the subject of which concerns English, Polish and German (including Jewish) poetry through the prism of Nietzsche's philology, the philosophy of Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and others. She is also the co-editor of five books in the field of literature, music and European culture, including: most recently The Surplus of Culture; Sense, Common-Sense and Non-sense published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2011) in Great Britain and The Language of Sense (published by WSHE Bielsko-Biała, 2012). She cooperated with the Silesian University of Technology and is co-editor of three book volumes in the European Bridges series published by the Silesian University of Technology Publishing House in the last three years (2012-2015).

Sir Roger Scruton - "Beauty, Piety and Desecration" - an Elegiac Recollection in Tranquility

It is immensely difficult to write about an erudite scholar and philosopher such as Sir Roger Scruton since his great pageant of interests, intellectual involvements and possible specialties makes one at once question the fundamental character of his motivations.

Ewa Borkowska

15 min