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Tanja Brkić: 'The woke agenda, which hides behind a »benevolent« mask, represents evil. An evil that must be destroyed'

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Tanja Brkić is a journalist at the channel Nova24tv, with a master's degree in HR organisation and years of experience in various professions, mostly in the media. Through her interventions in various media, she is the most combative voice against the woke agenda in Slovenia.


Álvaro Peñas: In Spain, the far-left Podemos party has pushed through a controversial trans-law, as well as radical feminist and animal rights laws. In Slovenia, a very similar party, Levica (The Left), is in government. Is Levica the driving force behind Wokism in Slovenia?

Tanja Brkić: When I look at the current situation in Slovenia in the political space, I can definitely say that cultural Marxism is not just a myth. Although it may not be obvious to a layman that the Left is behind this, there are underlying facts that clearly point to the responsibility of the Left and left-wing activists for the collapse of the system. It is difficult to blame one party only, when practically all left-wing parties sail in the same direction and, besides, NGOs have a lot of power in Slovenia. This makes it easy for them to deceive an average citizen who objectively follows social and political developments, because they are not a "party product".

The independence of NGOs is questionable when they are mostly taken over by left-wing activists.

Yes, they are. Let's take, for example, one of the more prominent organizations, the 8th March Institute. It consists of a team of young people who have so far actively promoted the ideas of left-wing parties and their interests. However, few people know that the founder of this non-governmental organization is a member of the Levica party, Simon Maljevac, who is also the Minister for Solidary Future (a newly established ministry). He is also the editor of the Legebitra publication, which a clear LGBTQ material intended for the indoctrination of young people. The current director of the Institute is Nika Kovač, a former member of the Left, who is today an ardent activist. She has actively participated together with the LGBTQ community in the campaign for the adoption of a new family code that destroys the traditional family. Amendments to the Family Code, according to which marriage is a lifelong union of two persons and which also allow a same-sex couple to adopt a child, came into force in January 2023. Nika Kovač does not deny that she is also financed from abroad. The 8 March Institute is not the only one such, as it is known that Slovenian left-wing non-governmental organizations are financed by various foreign foundations that are also the main financiers of left-wing groups in the individual countries. For example, President of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič, was awarded a scholarship by George Soros' Open Society. Turning to Kovač, and leaving aside the fact that she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth and is a member of the privileged elite, she was one of the beneficiaries of Barack Obama's scholarship program. Recently she has also become the head of the strategic council for the prosecution of hate speech, where she has presented recommendations to the government that are practically instructions for censorship, and a request for systemic funding. Exactly what I have been warning about for a long time is happening under the current government.

So the Slovenian government, whose main partner is the Freedom Movement of Robert Golob, a liberal, is totally devoted to the policies of the Left.

Yes, since the new government came to power, it has been clear that the coalition agreement is actually the program of the Levica party. Golob's government is made up of exactly wokism-friendly parties, which are united in terms of gender ideology and climate change. All in all, it seems that the prime minister is just a puppet who only appears in front of the media when he needs to be praised, but he doesn't respond to criticism very often. And in the exceptional cases when he does, he makes promises that he doesn't keep. Otherwise, left-wing activists were the main reason why the prime minister came to power in the first place, so now he nods to them in everything. This is best proven by the fact that representatives of NGOs write laws for him, which are then adopted. We saw this in the case of the amendment to the law on public television, when it was found that the draft law had been written by an NGO. Now the same is happening in the case of the prosecution of hate speech, where the representative of an NGO has the main say again.

What the Left and its members are doing is perverted, diabolical. I will use the definition given by the prominent Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, who explained that there are three signs of "diabolical" and all of them are fulfilled in the operation of the Left. The first is the love of nudity in the sense that the Left under the new government wants to "sexualize society", especially using the concepts of fictional gender ideology that only confuse children. The second thing is violence, namely in the sense of shifting the blame onto others, as they did during the Janez Janša government when they blamed him for everything. The third thing is division because they want to divide children starting from the young age using gender. Schools are becoming left-wing social laboratories, where children are being morally indoctrinated, and Nika Kovač is setting an example for young people today.

You mentioned climate change, what is the position of the Slovenian government?

All parties in the coalition agree on climate change and the climate crisis. Levica would prefer people to abandon transport and ride bicycles. Yet at the same time we are witnessing an authoritarian centralisation, while people in the surrounding cities and other regions are being ignored. Some time ago the prime minister talked about limiting the amount of meat  consumed, as they do in Germany, saying that it was for the benefit of nature. But, on the other hand, he is a friend of the mayor of Ljubljana, who is literally building a sewage canal through the catchment of drinking water. It should be noted that neither the prime minister nor the minister responsible for the environment condemn this. On the contrary, they all participate in it and make excuses that they can't do anything about it.

What role has the Slovenian Church taken in the face of this woke offensive?

The Church is opposed to the ideas of wokism, but, in my opinion, its voice is absolutely undervalued. I think it should have been the loudest at the time when the Family Code was being amended because the family is nothing more than a fundamental institution of society that was established by God.

Do you think Slovenians are aware of what gender ideology means?

No, I honestly think that in Slovenia they are not aware of exactly what this means and of the consequences of this harmful ideology. In my opinion, most people do not even deal with this or simply ignore it and think that "it is none of their business". As with all other socio-political issues. We must be aware that Slovenia has a large population of elderly people who have a solidly built identity, while younger people are increasingly subject to the woke ideology, and social contagion through social networks is the main reason for this. The saddest thing is that all this - both wokism and Cultural Marxism - is unfolding before our eyes, and the consequences will be devastating for future generations whose identity, as a nation, is also at risk.

I think that a lot has changed in the last year since the new government came to power. In the negative direction. LGBTQ ideologies are being imposed, ministers are hanging rainbow flags in front  of ministries (flags with roots not representing equality and inclusion but political agenda), dissenting media are persecuted, migrants are welcomed in large numbers and citizens are forgotten. They argue that "acceptance, inclusion and equality" is progress, but it's total backwardness. As I said, their goal is to depreciate society, man and his humanity. The destruction of basic foundations such as religion, family and patriotism, and ultimately the legal and democratic state. What is left for a person when he loses his identity, his awareness, his personality, the importance of fundamental values and the possibility of discussion? He becomes a number, a nobody whose sole existence is enough because it represents the potential for exploitation by the privileged few.

A few months ago the journalist Joze Biscak was singled out and condemned for publishing a satirical article on illegal immigration. Is the cancel culture widespread in Slovenia?

Cancel culture has become a thing in Slovenia as well, although not yet in such a pronounced way, but it is growing. Which is not surprising, since recently we have been wondering if Twitter will even be allowed in Europe, as Elon Musk decided not to follow their directives or censorship. And given the well-known fact that left-wing globalists influence the majority of the European Parliament, which in turn influences the decisions of all other governments of the European Union, it is only the matter of time before this influence will be felt even more strongly in our country. Let me remind you that the leftists in Slovenia got the full (albeit unofficial, but obvious) support of the European Vice-President Vera Jourova when the Slovenian Left tried to take over public television. It is an extremely broad and debatable topic, but certainly the woke agenda, which hides behind a "benevolent" mask, represents evil. An evil that must be destroyed.


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