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Ewa Thompson

Professor Emerita of Slavic Studies at Rice University. She studied at the Sopot Conservatory of Music, University of Warsaw, and Vanderbilt University where she obtained her PhD. Among her books are Imperial Knowledge: Russian Literature and Colonialism (2000) and Understanding Russia: The Holy Fool in Russian Culture (1987). She has recently published articles in Humanum Review, East Europe, and Teologia Polityczna co Tydzień. 

Can We Communicate? On Epistemological Incompatibilities in Contemporary Academic Discourse

In 1990 the American philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre published Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry: Encyclopedia, Genealogy, Tradition. The last chapter of this book is titled “Reconceiving the university and the lecture,” and it ends with a proposition: in academic discourse we should “introduce” ourselves before we start speaking.

Ewa Thompson

15 min

Book review: Jozef Pilsudski: Founding Father of Modern Poland

Written in a crisp and matter-of-fact style, with copious footnotes legitimizing it as an academic work, this volume can compete for the best Piłsudski biography to-date.

Ewa Thompson

10 min

On Decolonizing Slavic Studies in Europe and America

“War has uncontrollable consequences”, noted historian Steven Mintz in Inside Higher Education in January 2023.[1] Shortly afterwards in the same journal, Mintz argued that American academic scholarship is stagnating.[2]

Ewa Thompson

20 min