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José Papparelli

Journalist and analyst of political, social, and cultural life. Writer for various Spanish, European, and Latin American media, he is the director of the radio program “Una Hora En Libertad.”

Antonio Maria Rinaldi: “A strong Italy is necessary for Europe to be strong too”

Antonio Maria Rinaldi is one of the most recognised and popular Italian politicians. His interventions on radio and television, his forcefulness and clarity in opinions and his dialectical confrontations with his political opponents are already anthological and have made him an undisputed and appreciated media personality.

José Papparelli

10 min

Claudiu Târziu: “EU must return to its roots, to its foundations and to normality”

Claudiu Târziu is a renowned Romanian public figure. He is respected not only for his political activity in the Romanian Senate, but also for his work in culture, journalism and civil society, especially in the defence of life and the family.

José Papparelli

8 min

“The political force that will stop the neo-Marxist madness comes from Bucharest”: An interview with George Simion

George Simion is an economist and historian who is well acquainted with the crimes of communism. He is member of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, president and founder of the AUR party (Alianța pentru Unirea Românilor – Alliance for the Union of Romanians), which today is fighting for the lead in the presidential and European elections in 2024.

José Papparelli

15 min