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Towards a 3rd World War or a 2nd Cold War?

It seems increasingly difficult to deny Huntington's claim about the clash of civilisations.

Patrick Edery

7 min

China and the Prigozhin campaign

How the uprising of Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin must be evaluated is a chapter in itself. On the day of the alleged mutiny, events rolled over so quickly that one hardly noticed who did not speak out. While Putin was on the phone with Kazakhstan and Turkey, and the Belarusian Security Council as well as Iran reacted quickly, it was noticeable that one of the Russians' partners remained silent: namely, the People's Republic of China.

Marco Gallina

6 min

France can thank the heroes who destroyed the Nord Stream I & II pipelines

For several months now, everyone has been wondering about the nationality of those who destroyed the two gas pipelines linking Russia to Germany. Were they American? British? Danish? Finnish? Norwegian? Polish? Swedish? Russian? Ukrainian? And why not French?

Patrick Edery

12 min

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