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Chantal Delsol: France is a country of riots. And for specific reasons.

Every uprising has its own motives, linked to the events of the day.

Francesco Giubilei

5 min

The New Wave of German Emigration

This wake-up call dates back to the 2000s. However, the problem is as topical now as it was then.

Marco Gallina

4 min

Holiday debates on immigration with French 'papys boomers'.

Every year, like many of us, I spend the summer holidays with my family. It's a time for endless political discussions. As someone who enjoys adversarial debate, I must admit that I'm often provocative. I particularly enjoy sparking discussions on immigration with my elders, as our opinions differ so widely on this issue.

Patrick Edery

7 min

France: Are the scandals of the "Progressive Circus" premeditated?

In my editorial of 11 June (LINK), I began telling you about the 'Progressive Circus' to explain the passivity of the French people in the face of the incredible hypocrisy of their ruling elites.

Patrick Edery

10 min

Conservatives and Classical Liberals - What to Choose?

In a political and cultural context as changeable as the contemporary one, any use of  rigid categories to define parties and alignments or thinkers and men of culture can be misleading.

Francesco Giubilei

6 min

France: Constitutionalisation of abortion deserves a referendum

The French radical left (the "La France Insoumise" party) followed by almost all parties on the left, centre and right is going through all the steps to pass a constitutional bill to enshrine "the freedom of women to terminate their pregnancy in the Constitution".

Patrick Edery

10 min