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Saving the father, Saving the West

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Faced with the blows of feminists, gender ideologists and other LGBT people, it is more than urgent to save the father. Our Western society has been built around the family and parental duality: "one father, one mother". In this duality, each person has a role defined both by biological realities and by a cultural construction. Yet some ideologues try to deny and to erase those biological realities, as exemplified by the Court of Appeal of Toulouse. In its ruling of 9 February 2022, the Court "recognises the right of a transgender person, male to female, who has conceived a child with his male reproductive system, to be designated as the mother in the child's birth certificate". Worse still, the child is made to believe that it was born of two mothers.

Today, in many cases, men have become second mothers. Dads 2.0 are soft, tender, behave like teenagers, cry watching romantic comedies, are so 'cool' with their metrosexual behaviour and their eco-responsible scooters that, in the end, they no longer embody “auctoritas” and “severitas”. This can be disconcerting for our young boys, because fatherly love is love manifested by firmness and imposition of limits. But how can a father embody authority, the authority that imposes respect, when he adopts his son's style of dress and tastes? What kind of role model is he for his daughter? How many young offenders have this type of “pater familias” - or simply do not have any? And I am not talking about the psychological damage that the Toulouse case law will cause. The father is the other, the otherness, the first authority. An otherness that is increasingly blurred nowadays, we must be say. But it should be the antibody, the bulwark against modern liberal and consumerist society.

At the level of the European Union, we have seen for years these repeated attacks on Polish and Hungarian fathers who heroically resist the application of the WHO's "Standards for sex education in Europe", introducing LGBT propaganda and gender theories in schools. Our society is certainly committing the irreparable through the anthropological changes it is imposing on us. What will we say to the children born of a fatherless PMA the day they want to look for their own? Our propagandists have forgotten that the absence of a father is always a rip in the soul.

If only their assaults merely concerned the family nucleus, but they also concern our civilisation. When Emmanuel Macron's former Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, declares on a talk show that churches must be destroyed, she is not only attacking the house of "our father" (Pater noster), but also our patrimony. This patrimony is the inheritance left to us by our fathers. And it is them: Herodotus, father of history, Socrates, father of philosophy, Archimedes, father of physics and engineering, Ptolemy, father of astronomy, Pythagoras, father of mathematics, Hippocrates, father of medicine, and Pericles, father of democracy – that have shaped our Western world.

Indeed, that Western world is built on a reasoned patriarchy, where women are complementary to men, as demonstrated by the historian Régine Pernoud in "La femme au temps des cathédrales". In fact, many women have had a prominent place in our civilisation, such as the philosopher Christine de Pizan, the theologian Saint Teresa of Avila, the queens Anna Jagiellonka of Poland and Elizabeth II of England. For already very early, our patriarchal society was able to make room for women, e.g., by opening up courses in medicine and gynaecology at the University of Bologna in the fourteenth century, while in medieval France, the troubadours were given stiff competition by the trouveresses.

Strangely enough, when it comes to deconstructing and challenging the European Union, our progressives are nowhere to be found. And yet, the European construction is the work of founding fathers. Feminists and LGBT ideologues try to make us believe that patriarchy is an oppressive 'prison', although the reality is quite different. Patriarchy protects and gives a place to everyone. The opposite of patriarchy, matriarchy, has never produced any lasting civilisation. To have "the sacred love of the fatherland" as the Marseillaise says, is to love the land of one's fathers. Therefore, to save the fathers is to save our Western world... In nomine Patri.

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