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Alejandro Peña Esclusa: “Classical art is a way of evangelising through beauty”

Interview with Alejandro Peña Esclusa, engineer, writer, analyst and political consultant.

Álvaro Peñas

5 min

Once Avant-garde: The Situation of Theatres in Germany

It is not difficult to criticize the theatre landscape based on the programs offered. However, when the discussion turns to cultural life, other questions are usually addressed. In particular, representatives of vulgar populism often mention the costs of theatres, orchestras, and other cultural institutions, usually with fervour that allows no further discussion.

Fabian Bell

5 min

"Don’t just criticise, create!" Interview with Sander Booij, builder and renovator of organs

This is the seventh instalment of our new interview series called, “Don’t just criticise, create!” David Engels speaks with  European artists, philosophers, priests, intellectuals, activists, and artisans who have each decided not only to lament 'the decline of the West' but also to endeavour to help reverse it. They have done this by making something new, and also perhaps something beautiful, true, and good.

David Engels

12 min