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Make Europe Great Again. The international conservative conference in Romania and the return to normality

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The last weekend of April we were in Bucharest to attend the MEGA - Make Europe Great Again event held in the Romanian parliament. On the way to the first day we could not help but notice the numerous posters of political parties all over the city, not yet asking for votes, but announcing the candidates for the upcoming local and European elections. The posters of the European candidates were very striking, because next to the face of the candidate in question there were two squares: in a red square the logo of the PSD, the Social Democratic Party, which belongs to the European Socialists, and in a blue square the logo of the PNL, the National Liberal Party, which belongs to the European People’s Party. The two parties form a coalition government and have decided to draw up a joint list for the European elections.

Such coalitions would have been unthinkable in the past, basically because socialists and populists are supposed to represent two different ways of understanding politics, two different ideologies. However, the centre right represented by the Popular Party has taken on progressive mantras with enthusiasm in too many countries, adopting feminism, gender ideology or green fundamentalism. Most ideological differences aside, the only thing that matters is power and the benefits it brings, and when that power is threatened by a third party, as is the case in Romania with the emergence of the AUR (Alliance for the Union of Romanians), there is no problem in forging an alliance and even making joint lists. Anything goes in order to share the pie.

The MEGA conference, organised by the Mihai Eminescu Institute for Conservative Political Studies, served to showcase AUR’s international muscle and strengthen its candidacy for the European elections, elections in which the Romanian Conservatives were the leading party in terms of voting intentions until the formation of the ruling parties’ alliance. The title of the conference, Making Europe Great Again, as well as a clear reference to Donald Trump’s MAGA, points to a reality: Europe is no longer great and is in deep decline. The suicidal policies of the European Union have brought all kinds of absurd regulations fed by the monstrous bureaucracy of Brussels; a Green Pact that stifles the productive sectors of the countryside, livestock farming, industry and that shaves off the working classes; a gender ideology that is rampant in all areas of society; prohibitions and cuts in freedoms and fundamental rights; corrupt practices at the service of foreign powers that are enemies of our traditions and cultures; and uncontrolled illegal immigration that is making more and more European cities No Go zones.

How can we avoid catastrophe and become great again? This was the focus of the speeches at MEGA, which brought together intellectuals, politicians, journalists, writers, social activists, defenders of life, scientists, communicators and trade unionists from all over Europe, Israel, the United States, Canada and Latin America. MEGA has been attended by such diverse figures as US pro-life activist Alveda King, granddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, president of the Center for the American Dream; Dutch MEP Rob Roos, vice-president of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR); Professor David Engels, senior analyst at the Instytut Zachodni in Poznań (Poland), author and editor of numerous books and scientific studies on ancient history, philosophy of history and modern conservatism; influential American conservative Jack Posobiec, host of Human Events Daily, with millions of followers on Rumble and Real America’s Voice; French MEP Nicolas Bay, candidate for Reconquête! Dr. Robert Malone, physician and inventor of mRNA vaccination; Mexican Eduardo Verástegui, entrepreneur, filmmaker and producer of Sound of freedom, the film that sparked a truly global movement to combat child trafficking and founder of the “Viva México Movement”; Italian Lega Salvini Premier Annalisa Tardelli, MEP of the Identity and Democracy group; Michael Kleiner, President of the Supreme Court of Israel, former mayor of Tel Aviv and member of the Likud party; Kosma Zlotowski, Polish MEP for Law and Justice; Gian Luigi Ferreti, international representative of the Italian trade union UGL; Miklos Lukacs, Peruvian scientist, researcher and disseminator, among other guests.

Claudiu Târziu, leader of the AUR senate and president of the Mihai Eminescu Institute, opened MEGA with a speech in which he defended the Europe of Nations against the federalist model of the EU: “Conservative forces in Europe must do everything possible to politically balance the European Parliament and reform the European institutions with the strategic goal of stopping the federalisation of Europe by destroying the nation states. Europe cannot be great with nations on the verge of extinction. There is a great need to cultivate national sentiment. Fidelity to the principles of conservatism, the consolidation of national sovereignty, freedom and other fundamental rights, the protection of the family and opposition to the deviations of gender ideologies, the urgent need to profoundly reform and democratise all the institutions of the European Union for the benefit of a Europe of sovereign nations, not a centralised supranational conglomerate copying the Soviet Union. We Romanians no longer want a dictatorship. We know what the problems are, we know what the solutions are, we have to find ways to implement them. This must be our goal, until the victory of the conservative revolution, i.e. the return to normality”.

To return to normality and restore Europe’s greatness, Târziu pointed out that “Europe must return to a culture of life, abandoning the culture of death, which is becoming increasingly important, especially through what the European Commission is promoting, which seeks to transform the killing of unborn children into a fundamental European right. A culture of death that wants to trivialise assisted suicide. We must put life in all its forms, such as the constitution of natural families, i.e. the union between a man and a woman, into action. Europe must defend its ancient civilisation. This ancient European civilisation is in danger due to the phenomenon of migration. Europe must once again fulfil the desire for which the EU was created: peace through prosperity”.

There is not enough space in an article to mention all the MEGA participants and their speeches, which covered the situation in Europe between Brussels federalism and Russian imperialism; the treaties and internal politics of the European Union; the family, Christian values and the fight against Wokism; identity and, of course, civilisation. One of the most applauded speeches came from French MEP Nicholas Bay, who defended Europe’s identity and worldview: “We want to preserve our identity and our civilisation, we want to fight against mass immigration, we also want the economy to stop being hampered by an accumulation of rules and constraints, so that it can shine again throughout the world. We must defend our identity, defend our vision of the world, defend our fundamental freedoms, defend our markets and protect our borders. These are the great values and the great ideas that will allow us to build the Europe of tomorrow”.

Eduardo Verástegui brought to the conference another issue of utmost importance: the fight against child trafficking. “The most important step we have to take to eradicate child trafficking is to raise awareness, is to show this problem, because if we don’t know that this problem exists, how can you become a solution yourself? So, for me, this film is so important, Sound of Freedom opened the eyes of many people, it meant an awareness of the problem, people came out of the cinemas wanting to become ambassadors of freedom and now we are talking about millions of people being part of this movement and travelling the world talking about it”.

MEGA was closed by George Simion, President of AUR, who lashed out at European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: “I propose, at the end of this conference, that all parties in the 27 countries of Europe sign a declaration not to vote for Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen as the next head of the European Commission. We should all take this on board. We have leaders at European level who can unite us. We have Mr Matteo Salvini, whom I visited last week in Rome, we have Mrs Meloni, we have Mr Kaczynski. I would rather follow them and trust them, as allies of my nation, than trust the corrupt Ursula von der Leyen and her web of lies”.

Simion also appealed for a return to normality: "We can still get things back to normal, but we have to start by being honest. Honest about the housing crisis, about uncontrolled migration, about the declining birth rate, about the pandemic and the war. Yes, our cities are slowly turning into ghettos. But we can change things. Yes, we are flooded with illegal immigrants. And this has to stop right now. Yes, the declining birth rate is a major problem. And we have to think of a solution. And quickly, I thought, and my solution is that I have a newborn baby boy, only 3 days old. I just came from the hospital”.

“After years and years of being lied to, people want the truth, no matter how hard it is. For a country to prosper, its people must be free. Free to speak, free to worship, free to do business, free to think. Free to think. Then yes! We are here to talk about freedom, prosperity and peace. But we cannot have prosperity and peace without freedom”. Will we become freer again or will we follow the path of submission set from Brussels? That is the question that Europeans must answer on 9 June and to which MEGA has given an emphatic answer.

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