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On the hypocrisy of progressives

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If there's one fascinating thing about the progressives, it's that they never really stop on the road to progress. And even when the discovery of their new advances leads us to believe that their model is not sustainable, so devoid of common sense does their madness seem, paradoxically, this permanent progress tends to prove them right: Progress ostensibly knows no limits.

However, despite being an ontologically modern and materialistic paradigm, progressivism is not so much revealed in the physical world - where the odious crypto-fascist conservatism of the laws of physics and biology complicates the lives of our friends - as in morality, so decried, denounced and deconstructed by the latter when it does not correspond to their ideas, and a sacred cow as soon as it is theirs.

Of course, we can all be a little hypocritical from time to time, usually out of politeness, so as not to offend the ego of a child - or a trans-child, in other words an egotistical and immature Westerner, who is capricious and aggressive and cannot stand contradiction or frustration. And of course, politics is par excellence the playground of hypocrites. But there's a big difference between our everyday hypocrisy and that displayed by our progressive friends.

While, naively, I thought I had seen it all in France, with the deniers of the Great Replacement putting their children in elite fee-paying schools to spare them the consequences of mass immigration and deconstructionist teaching, in recent weeks I have been struck by the level of hypocrisy and bad faith of the Hungarian progressives.

Before continuing with this story and our reflections, we need to clarify who we are talking about here, because a Hungarian progressive is not a Westerner like any other. A French, German or American reader must understand that we're not talking here about white people from a declining bourgeoisie, over-indulged and already raised on institutional anti-racism, gay pride and hatred of their country.

No, the Hungarian progressive comes in two distinct varieties. This is an empirical description, of course, not the result of a sociological analysis - for that they would need to have a critical mind towards themselves, because of course they monopolise sociology here too. The influencers, politicians and demonstration organisers are the children of apparatchiks or cadres of the late Hungarian Communist Party, or else the 'brats' of the nouveau riche who made their money during the dark years of unbridled privatisation. The bulk of the troops, on the other hand, are a very specific section of society that does not exist in the West: they are the post-Soviet proletarians, those dispossessed by the change of regime, acculturated by State socialism and taken over by the vultures of globalism.

This 5th column has its officers and its soldiers. The troop is made up of ordinary people who aren't really Hungarian any more - they eat only fast food, watch only American films and series, dress like Californians, listen only to English songs and, above all, have as their moral basis a vaguely woke glubiboulga shaped by decades of sentimentalist and globalist cultural hegemony.

These ideology-free progressives are merely conformists of their new, artificial, imported and mind-numbing culture. Re-educated to react to emotional stimuli triggered by the press as part of more or less well-practised operations, they react with Pavlovian reflexes and are doomed to indignation. If they are no longer truly Hungarian, they will never be fully-fledged Westerners, which they know deep down. They naturally turn this curse of permanent frustration against "the system", the "regime", in other words, the horrible dictator Viktor Orbán, who is responsible for all their ills.

And their guards - those we referred to above as the officers of this 5th column - ensure that this state of mind remains as vehement as possible by feeding the soldiers all the time with resentment and hatred. There are no limits to what they can do: where there's discomfort, there's no pleasure. But we'll come back to that later. These executives, the sheepdogs of the local herd, are the comprador elites, the wannabe winners of a country of losers, who hope to be part of the globalist happy few by applying the entire globalist agenda like beanpoles - sometimes without even believing in it. In short, pathetic capos. I'll remember for the rest of my life those anti-Orbán journalists who confessed to me that they voted for him at the last minute, not trusting their opposition champions in times of turmoil.

During the thirteen years in opposition, our beloved Hungarian progressive elites have become professionals at electoral defeat and selective indignation. We'll have the pleasure of returning another time to their excellence in defeat - no opposition in Europe has suffered so many calamitous defeats since 1945 - and this time we're going to focus on the exceptional selective indignation that is the subject of this paper.

The prize undoubtedly goes to the extreme centrists of the Momentum party - not only because they are unrestrained in their following of the Europeanist 'centrism', but also because they live extremely close to the Budapest city centre. Our dear MEPs Katalin Cseh and Anna Donáth really only have their faces to please. Beneath their masks of dashing young Hungarians lies the cynicism of seasoned politicians.

Allied with Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance party, Momentum has no qualms about complaining about police violence and the end of the rule of law - again, hasn't he already died 58 times since 2010? - to the EU institutions at the time when in France, President Macron and his minister Darmanin were suppressing a huge non-partisan social movement against pension reform... called for by the same European Union.

A 17-year-old girl lost her eye and a demonstrator several fingers. Thirty people were seriously injured and 300 arrested. These are the figures for May 1st alone in France. Remember that 93% of the French population is opposed to this reform imposed by the government by decree on a Parliament also opposed to the reform. In four months of industrial action, the list of abuses is endless. A Spanish journalist was beaten to the ground and lost a testicle. Two other men suffered the same fate. A trade unionist lost an eye as a result of a grenade thrown into a peaceful procession. There were countless attacks on journalists, including head blows. And this is not all. The pressure on the press is enormous. A freelance journalist had his skull split open and his hand fractured by a truncheon blow. All in all, dozens of journalists were subjected to unwarranted arrests, damage to equipment and beatings by the police. But none of that matters: this is democracy, this is the French police.

Meanwhile, we have to worry about what's happening in Hungary, where democracy is in danger and the police are on the rampage, as our dear progressive MEPs are telling us. So what has happened in Hungary that obscures the authoritarian and freedom-destroying excesses of the regime in Paris, you ask?

Well, I'll give you one for one: our progressive friends organised demonstrations of several hundred or several thousand people, and tried to attack Prime Minister Orbán's headquarters, in particular by knocking down the construction barriers nearby - the office and the cameras –  then throwing themselves on the ground or hurling bottles at the police. And then, for a moment, the horror of Eastern despotism was expressed in all its violence: the Hungarian police used tear-gas spray on the demonstrators. I'm sorry to describe such a horror, but the world needs to know about the violence used by the Budapest regime to repress the democratic opposition.

Dear readers, as you will have gathered, I need sarcasm to put up with certain infamies. Please forgive me. But, above all, let us pray for the strength to forgive the cynical hypocrites of progressivism, which clearly knows no bounds.

*Article translated from French into English by Deliberatio


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