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School for Idiots: Numeracy and Reading Pose Unfair Challenges for Pupils

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    Earlier this year, the Oregon (USA) Department of Education embarked on the noble task of abolishing traditional mathematics classes, a subject that leftists consider to be a hotbed of “white supremacy”. Racist acts such as addition, subtraction and multiplication had to be eliminated from education and teachers had to be trained in ethnomasochism, sorry, ‘ethnomathematics’.

    But the follies of political correctness are being overtaken by a new absurdity in an ever shorter space of time. After all, the aim is to ‘deconstruct’ thought and everything connected with common sense or Western civilisation, and this task requires a considerable effort of imagination on the part of the political commissars. Apparently, the courses in mathematical anti-racism were not enough to dispel this hotbed of white bigotry, so the Oregon Democrats have gone one step further. On 14 July, Democratic Governor Kate Brown signed an executive order removing the requirement for high school students to demonstrate proficiency in literacy or maths before graduating. As a result, Oregon’s high school diploma will no longer guarantee that the student who receives it can read, write or do maths correctly.

    According to Breizh-Info, the bill was voted into law in June and will be implemented over three years. Among the measure’s most enthusiastic supporters is Foundations for a Better Oregon (FBO), an organisation that says the bill “is intended to truly reflect what every student needs to succeed in the 21st century”. FBO is an education and diversity NGO funded by, among others, the Ford Family Foundation and the Collins Foundation, which supports Black Live Matters. FBO activists believe that maths and reading are unfairly challenging for students who do not perform well on tests. To avoid frustration, the solution to these ‘wake-up calls’ is not to increase class sizes or improve curriculum content, but to abolish these tests. No exams, no failures.

    Governor Brown, pictured here surrounded by young people indoctrinated by Greta Thunberg into the religion of climate hysteria (“I will be 28 years old when my climate fate is sealed,” the T-shirts read, marking the date of the apocalypse), also made a splash last Thanksgiving. As Stasi Commissioner, Brown urged Oregonians to report their neighbours to the police if they exceeded the six-guest limit on Thanksgiving. Although the measure was intended to “save lives”, the call for a conviction was not very successful.

    Brown’s policy, applauded by NGOs and the progressive media, can only create a veritable school for idiots, young people with little education and no standards, who will have fertile minds for indoctrination instead of education. This is the path that we are taking in Spain, hand in hand with socialist and popular reforms of education. And, as always, the advocates of these measures will hide from criticism to fight against systemic racism and inequality. Charles Boyle, Deputy Director of Communications in the Governor’s Office, stressed that the new baccalaureate standards will benefit “black, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, tribal and coloured students in the state”. Imagine for a moment if Donald Trump had said that, Troy would have literally burned down. After all, there is no more racist ideology than anti-racist ideology.

    Source: El Correo de España

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