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Even the Poets are Killing: Fico and the New Iron Curtain

    Time to read: 5 min
    The Slovak 'Lee Harvey Oswald' was a 71 year old poet. It's what poets do these days. No waltzing around daffodils in the Lake District or smoking Opium a la Coleridge. No, the new breed of European Princips are led by the brigade of confused liberal types who personalise their psychotic angst onto individuals of the 'far right'. They are a form of the bug killer who take their cue from the diktats of the EU Commission and liberal media.


    Central and Eastern Europe is embroiled in a Tolkien clash between the world of the globalised mercantile Anglo-American earth and a cultural, grounded alliance of the traditional European post-Westphalian[1] states. This fight for the Nomos of the Earth[2] has resulted in the Ukraine war, and a reassertion of anti-EU sentiment in the borderlands east of the Elbe. I live in Bohemia and the split in the sentiment is like a new Iron Curtain of dissonance, divisions and a breakdown of consensus. It was Bismarck who allegedly proclaimed that to own Bohemia was to own the world. On top of this is the post Christian liberal need for protestant purification. If it wasn't for Covid, War and Bugs the master race of Homo Liberalis would have little to occupy themselves with. Now it is the 'Populist' bugs: Prime Ministers, the 'Far Right', encircling European cities like the plague of Oran. Albert Camus's The Plague saw the Algerian city of Oran consumed by illness and bugs. With Covid we saw, amidst a few islands of humanity, a gross industry of profiteering and disinformation in the midst of suffering. Manipulating irrational fear. We saw the pettiness and fragile nature of democracy, closed down in an instant on the whim of a 'rational' government. With the war in Ukraine, we encounter another attempt to impose liberal righteousness on the Russians, to enforce conformity in their grossraum. Of course, the war in Ukraine is 'symbolic' of liberal democracy for it contains the two seeds which germinate when the word 'democracy' is uttered. The two seeds are 'Spectacle' and 'Keynesian War'. The alliance of economy and war is nothing new, but now it baulks, for example, Napoleon's 'Grande armee'. A massive global industry of death and rising stocks in defence. The result of media 'Spectacle' is is the assassination attempt on a 'bug' - the Slovak Prime Minister, Fico. The liberal media, and especially the EU via Ursula Von der Leyen, mounts a constant 'far right', 'extreme right', vendetta on any bug who champions family, community and nationality. Despite the near total collapse of any ontology of liberalism: moral, even economic (deglobalisation) - the bugs are lined up for extermination.

    Fico, don't get me wrong, is not my cup of tea. He is symptomatic of the new breed of Euro Politicking as a moniker for brazen corruption. Van der Wolf was at it at the German Defence Ministry (before she was tactically put out to leave in the EU). The British elite class call it 'consultancy', in the US it is 'lobbying'. In Eastern and Central Europe it is called 'corruption'.

    Eva Benova, a Slovak delegate in the EU, remarked that Fico's assassination attempt "is a reflection of the violent promotion of harmful ideologies and policies, the inability of a part of the political spectrum to respect the conservative character of the majority Slovak society and to conduct a dialogue with it. Many wars have started with hatred and polarization of society".[3]

    The Fico assassination attempt, 3 weeks before EU elections, may appear as a solidified extension of Von der Leyen's infamous threat that we have 'means' to punish the impure, those that threaten the hegemony; the free lunch of the EU, whether that be Meloni in Italy or Farage in the UK. Fico had a history of meddling and dissent. He was on the coat tails of the incompetent WHO, insisting on sending a man there to examine the goings on during Covid. On the other hand, he had been called 'Hitler' by a member of the Slovak opposition. A divisive figure, indicative of the European divide. Was this a lone gunman reading too much samizdat from the European Commission's plethora of paid for liberal mouth pieces? Or was it the work of an intelligence service recognising the clear sentiment of Central Europe moving towards a traditional ethos and Russia? The Americans, MI5 are all possible links as well as Israeli secret services. All despise any contra voices to the elites in the Atlantic alliance.

    It would be in the interest of the US, Britain to foment a new 'Maidan' in Slovakia, in Georgia. They need to usurp this new movement to tradition and European values of conservative nationalism. There is not only a political diaspora up for grabs, but an increasing lucrative FDI terms of trade angle. Political influence enables better business terms for investors and those seen to be the harbingers of 'freedom'. The model is replicated worldwide in zones of 'liberating capital', from Iraq, to the Czech Republic, Ireland. Soon it will be the rebuilding tender for 'Palestine', for Halliburton, for Blackrock. The EU elites, like circus seals, learn how to play the transatlantic economic game and keep the flow of EU funds bouncing on their nose. By opening a new front, the west seeks to 'delegitimise' representation by anyone with heterodox thought. To add critical warnings to those 'populists' voting for the 'far right'. Von der Leyen was rumoured to be complicit[4] in the recent shut down of the conservative NatCon conference in Brussels featuring Victor Orban, elected MEPS, Nigel Farage, and Suella Braverman, a former minister in the British government.

    In September 2022, in Lower Saxony, Germany a little Pony, called Dolly, was killed by a wolf, known now as GW950m. Unfortunately for the Wolf population of Europe, who have survived despite their near extinction in the twentieth century, little Dolly was owned by the President of the EU Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, whose tumbling ranch sits near the village of Beinhorn, Saxony. Then began a hunt for the killer, with no expense spared, and the gathering of forensic evidence, DNA samples taken on other 'victims'. You would think a Jeffrey Dahmer was on the loose. GW950m has been labelled by the EU Commission as a 'problem wolf', another 'bug'. His problematic status has not been communicated to him or his pack, having not received the 'directive'. Due to incessant pressure from Von Der Leyen, a hunting permit to kill the naughty wolf was issued. Then in December, the previously protected status of wolves received a shock. The Commission declared, that their status from 'strictly protected' will be reduced to 'protected'. It is now envisaged that a Europe wide culling of Wolves will occur. In many ways it is an allegory of Democracy; at first nourished and encouraged, like the Wolves, and then culled, like all the bugs.

    When Gregor Samsa wakes up in Kafka's Metamorphosis he is changed beyond recognition... into a bug. This is revelation time; you yourself wake up to be a bug and the gun is turned on you. A wake up call for the European. The bugs of democracy, tradition and culture are being lined up one by one. It is a contradiction at the heart of liberal thought; at once safeguarding 'diversity', tolerance and the 'individual' and then, in crisis, resorting to war, fear and loathing. The good news is that the wolf, GW950m, is still alive and well...


    [1] Treaty of Westphalia 1648. Treaty which brought about the de facto disintegration of the Holy Roman Empire, and the establishment of 'nation states'.

    [2] Schmitt, C., & Ulmen, G. L. (2006). The Nomos of the Earth in the International Law of the jus publicum Europaeum. Telos Press.



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