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Brian Patrick Bolger

He studied at the LSE. He has taught political philosophy and applied linguistics in Universities across Europe. His articles have appeared in the US, the UK, Italy, Canada and Germany in magazines such as ’The National Interest’, ‘GeoPolitical Monitor’, ‘Merion West’, ‘Voegelin View’, 'The Montreal Review',’The European Conservative’, ‘Visegrad Insight’, The Hungarian Conservative' ,’The Salisbury Review’, ‘The Village’, ‘New English Review’, ‘The Burkean’, ‘ ‘The Daily Globe’,  ‘American Thinker’, ‘The Internationalist’, ‘Philosophy News’. His book, 'Coronavirus and the Strange Death of Truth', is now available in the UK and US. His new book- ‘Nowhere Fast: The Decline of Liberal Democracy’ will be published soon by Ethics International Press.

China and the New Nomos of the Earth  

The world stands at a paradigm shift; a thunder of meeting, fighting tectonic plates. Vaclav Klaus, in his latest article in 'The Hungarian Conservative' laments the passing of an old order. The move from one epoch to another is reminiscent of Mathew Arnold's poem 'Dover Beach' where the ebbing of the sea of faith had ceased caressing the shores of the world.

Brian Patrick Bolger

10 min

Charles III and the Coronation: 'Government of Himself'.

It was TS Eliot who remarked that 'When a term has become so universally sanctified as 'democracy' now is, I begin to wonder whether it means anything, in meaning too many things'.

Brian Patrick Bolger

12 min