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Keep voting wrong

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In January 2022, a month before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons, Vice-President of the European People’s Party, made what were probably the most regrettable – though honest – statements of his career. In an interview, he said: “What is happening in Poland is not because Poland is Poland, but because its government is doing things wrong, so we are going to do what we can, but we can’t do everything. We are going to help. What we will do is to help the Polish people change this government, which is not working. It’s not good for the country”. Unsurprisingly, his remarks were a scandal and Pons tried to wriggle out of them by pointing out that the translation of his words had not been correct. However, the interview was recorded. González Pons said exactly what he thought: that Poles vote wrong.


For Pons and many of his colleagues in the EPP, for socialists, Renew liberals and, of course, left-wing extremists, it is incomprehensible that Poles vote for the United Right government led by Law and Justice (PiS). And it is even more incomprehensible when the main opposition party is led by one of their own, a Brussels man like Donald Tusk. Yet despite the media campaigns, despite the horror films about the Polish soldiers on the border, despite the condemnations and sanctions in the European Parliament for not complying with the rule of law, despite all that, the stubborn Poles continue to vote wrong. Poles and Hungarians vote wrong, and as a result Hungary and Poland are the “bad boys of the EU”.

One of the things I do in Deliberatio is to report on what is going on in Spain and Portugal, and those who have read those reports know how bad things are in both countries. However, for the European Union, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is one of the good guys and there is no problem with the rule of law in Spain. This is important, because when in an election campaign Europe and European values are mentioned, as Tusk and his acolytes do, there is nothing better than setting an example, and Spain is a good example of a country that submissively follows the 2030 Agenda and the double standards of Brussels.

Brussels is not bothered by Pedro Sánchez trying to form a government with communists, Basque and Catalan separatists, political heirs of a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organisation, and even with the party of a fugitive from justice, Carles Puigdemont, who lives peacefully very close to Brussels after staging a coup d’état in Catalonia in 2017. Nor is it bothered by the announced amnesty for the coup perpetrators, including Puigdemont, or the fact that the crimes of secession and prevarication have been removed from the Penal Code, or that the Socialist government in office is going to pardon the Socialist politicians convicted in the biggest corruption case in the history of Spain, the ERE case, the embezzlement of 680 million Euros. Apparently, all this does not violate the rule of law that the Von der Leyen and Timmermans are so concerned about.

Spain is a very feminist country, which has passed a law that has freed and reduced the sentences of more than 1,200 sex offenders, and now the number of rapes in the first six months of the year exceeds 2,300, 11% more than last year. So far this year, more than 30,000 illegal immigrants have entered Spain, and the number of jihadists arrested since the 11M attacks in Madrid has increased every year, exceeding at present 1,000. Crime has increased by 7.2% and cities such as Barcelona recorded 44,933 crimes from January to March this year, 7,893 more than in 2022. Spain has an unemployment rate of 13.2% and is the second country in the EU with the highest youth unemployment (29%) and school dropouts, and the fourth in business bankruptcies. Spain has reached an all-time low in births. It is the country with the second lowest birth rate, and at the same time there are 100,000 abortions a year. Is this a country that progresses? Is this the alternative, the European values, that Tusk and the Commission are offering the Poles?

One could make the mistake of blaming only the Left for these policies, but the PP of Mr. Pons, the same PP that wants to help the Poles to vote “right”, has been a necessary collaborator of this whole situation and has taken on all the ideology of the Left and the mandates of Brussels until the emergence of VOX has forced it to look in the mirror. The chants of Brussels sound very good: “diversity is our strength”, “love is love”, “open society”, “green policies”, etc. But, like the song of the sirens, which led ships and their unfortunate sailors to shipwrecks, Brussels’ policies only lead nations and their citizens to instability, dependence and ruin. Poles vote again this Sunday – so let us hope, for the sake of Europe as a whole, that they continue to vote wrong.


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