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Vaincre ou mourir: the motto of the French cinema of Resistance

French cinema, like many others, had its heyday in the 1960s and 70s. Since then, while great directors have produced some notable works, French cinema as a whole has clearly been not as rich and bright as in the past. The stars have faded and even the big budgets no longer guarantee any quality, either in content or in form.

Ferenc Almássy

8 min

The German migration policy does not want to grow up - yet

It is not only regarding energy policy that Germany remains in a Peter Pan mode for the time being: several events this month have revealed that Berlin, despite its immense burdens, is reluctant to push through a more pragmatic and far-sighted immigration policy.

Marco Gallina

10 min

Rubén Pulido: Jihadism is using illegal immigration networks to enter Spain and Europe.

Rubén Pulido served in the Air Force for 11 years. During that time, he also completed various military advanced training courses, obtained a Master's Degree in International Relations at UCAM, and was awarded the Medal of Merit and Sacrifice.

Álvaro Peñas

10 min

The Right and the Organisation of Culture

The Sardinian thinker concentrates on the process of the formation of intellectuals in a civil and political society. After specifying the role of Italian intellectuals abroad and their cosmopolitan function, he dwells on the organisation of culture and related issues.

Francesco Giubilei

7 min

"Don't just criticise, create!": Interview with Victor Aubert, Director of Academia Christiana

This is the fourth episode of our new interview series entitled "Don't just criticise, create! David Engels talks to European artists, philosophers, priests, intellectuals, activists and craftsmen who have decided not only to lament the "decline of the West", but also to try to help reverse it. They did so by creating something new - and perhaps also something beautiful, true and good.

David Engels

10 min

Country Report: Spain & Portugal, February 2023

Spain’s parliament continues to opt for the most radical progressive agenda, and the month of February saw a modification of the abortion law, an approval of the trans law and the first step towards the animal rights law, or animal dignity law, which must be still ratified in the Senate.

Álvaro Peñas

10 min

In the stranglehold of the climate extremists

At the carnival parade in Düsseldorf, one float caught the eye: it showed a member of the climate extremist "Last Generation" fighting a “car monster”. Düsseldorf thus adopted the common narrative of "David against Goliath" and assigned the role of heroes to the extremists - not least because the slogan underneath, "Who's the climate terrorist here?" made it clear that the CO2 guzzlers are responsible, not the activists.

Marco Gallina

5 min

Country Report: France, February 2023

Throughout February, France has been gripped by the "Pierre Palmade" affair, named after a famous comedian and showbiz star known to all French people. On 10 February, his car violently collided with another car whose passengers were a six-year-old boy, his father and his sister-in-law, a young pregnant woman.

Patrick Edery

10 min