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The Heir to the Spares

In my previous Region Report I complained about the Yanks’ faux republicanism (see: LINK). In Blighty the problem is the reverse: false modesty, pretended irrelevance, and the snobby casualness of insisting on calling everyone by his first name, as if one could presume intimacy with anyone, anywhere, high or low, common or royal.

Vernon Rogers

10 min

What to remember from Viktor Orbán's State of the Nation Address?

Every year in mid-February, Viktor Orbán holds a major speech to take stock of the past year and announce the main lines of the coming year, while highlighting the main elements of his vision and strategy.

Ferenc Almássy

10 min

Country Report: Italy, January 2023

Italy's new foreign policy between support for Kiev and the Mediterranean gas pipeline. 

Francesco Giubilei

Pasquale Ferraro

6 min

Anglospherical: The Region Report on the Anglosphere - January 2023

National politics in the US has become crasser over the past six decades, and often the Republicans have been to blame for pushing the envelope. Richard Nixon’s paranoia forcing his resignation from the presidency or Newt Gingrich’s bellicose tenure as Speaker of the House (resulting also in a forced resignation) could serve as case-in-point.

Vernon Rogers

10 min

“Don’t just criticise, create!” Interview with Gerd Morgenthaler, member of the “Network for Academic Freedom”

This is the third instalment of our new interview series called, “Don’t just criticise, create!” David Engels speaks with European artists, philosophers, priests, intellectuals, activists, and artisans who have each decided not only to lament 'the decline of the West' but also to endeavour to help reverse it. They have done this by making something new, and also perhaps something beautiful, true, and good.

David Engels

15 min

France: Constitutionalisation of abortion deserves a referendum

The French radical left (the "La France Insoumise" party) followed by almost all parties on the left, centre and right is going through all the steps to pass a constitutional bill to enshrine "the freedom of women to terminate their pregnancy in the Constitution".

Patrick Edery

10 min