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Is France in a terminal phase of dechristianisation?

The situation of the Catholic Church in France is particularly worrying. The number of priests has been gradually decreasing for several years. In the early 1960s, there were 41,000 priests in office. In 1995, there were 29,000, and in 2020 half that number, or about 14,000. What is more, half of the French priests are over 75 years old. Every year now between 600 and 700 priests leave, and their departure is far from being compensated for by the few hundred new priests who take up their duties.

Patrick Edery

7 min

China and the New Nomos of the Earth  

The world stands at a paradigm shift; a thunder of meeting, fighting tectonic plates. Vaclav Klaus, in his latest article in 'The Hungarian Conservative' laments the passing of an old order. The move from one epoch to another is reminiscent of Mathew Arnold's poem 'Dover Beach' where the ebbing of the sea of faith had ceased caressing the shores of the world.

Brian Patrick Bolger

10 min

John Paul II – truly necessary authority

The latest attack of the media on Holy Pope John Paul, its intensity, brutality and merciless character, make us ask what the Polish Pope’s figure and memories of him actually mean for the contemporary generation - and what they should mean.

Paweł Skibiński

15 min

Would De Gaulle be pro-Russian today?

This question may seem incongruous to many of our European readers for whom the General is the symbol, like Churchill, of resistance to invasion, of refusal to submit to the law of the strongest. The Second World War showed us that there are two schools of thought when faced with an invader.

Patrick Edery

15 min

Roger Scruton Returns Home

After Sir Roger Scruton’s death, it was written about him that he was a profound but controversial thinker. Well, shallow thinkers, including philosophers, are indeed usually not controversial because avoiding at all costs theses that might be controversial inevitably leads to shallow thought.

Zdzisław Krasnodębski

20 min

Culture Wars 2.0

SarsCov-2 is not the only pandemic that has spread around the world in the past year. The culture wars players who have been shuffling and drawing cards for the past five years lived to see the ideal conditions for a new hand; when the out-of-touch president of the world's most powerful superpower began seeking re-election in a reality paralyzed by a global pandemic, the culture wars entered a new phase of play.

Jan Tarnas

10 min