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The Significance of Roger Scruton's Philosophy 

Sir Roger Scruton (1944-2020) remains a figure of inspiration to authors representing various fields of knowledge, who readily consult his works on political philosophy, the history of philosophy, ethics and aesthetics, and music.

Piotr Wróblewski

4 min

Conservative and Christian Sources of Modern Ecological Thought

When St Justin the Philosopher debated with pagan sages in the second century after Christ, he heard from them: show me your writings and we will tell you who you are.

Grzegorz Górny

8 min

Kissinger and the Next War

The longevity of Kissinger in American politics was a result of an ingredient which determines great men from the ordinary. It is that they appear to be working against the grain of world history, they appear to be 'out of sorts'. So, they are reactionary when liberalism is all the rage.

Brian Patrick Bolger

15 min

The War on Bugs

If it wasn't for Covid, War and Bugs the master race of Homo Sapiens would have little to occupy themselves with. Now it is Bed Bugs, in Paris and London, encircling European cities like the plague of Oran.

Brian Patrick Bolger

6 min

The End of Globalisation

There seemed to be an inevitability in the talk of globalisation and the 'end of history' which ushered in the twenty first century.

Brian Patrick Bolger

7 min

Solidarity in Chile - an Unfinished Project. The Contribution of John Paul II

Much has been written about the presence of John Paul II in my country[1]. What we will try in these brief minutes is to make an evaluation from the point of view of culture, to see how and what extent the thought and action of the Polish Pontiff has influenced the being and acting of Chileans and how this contribution is shaping up in the future.

Emilio Morales de la Barrera

8 min

John Paul II’s Vision for Our Future

On his last trip to Poland in 2002, Pope John Paul II said, “I am grateful for the invitation to visit my Krakow and for the hospitality you have given me.”

Carl A. Anderson

12 min

The Martyrdom of the Ulma Family

On 24 March 1944, German police raided the Ulma family farm in Markowa, Poland.

Álvaro Peñas

5 min

Europe's Southern Flank Under Russian Attack

We underestimate the determination of the KGBists in power in Moscow to take revenge on the West so much that we refuse to see their attack on our southern flank.

Patrick Edery

10 min

German Conservatism and the Dying Idea of Europe

For centuries, Germany was criss-crossed by a wall.

Marco Gallina

8 min

America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything

Revolutions are not always violent and bloody. They can also be carried out in seemingly softer ways but still being equally pervasive and destructive of the norms and society they are intended to change. This is the case with cultural revolutions, where actions are taken in schools, universities, and the media and in people's minds without resorting to the use of force.

Francesco Giubilei

5 min

Conservative and Revolutionary: About Arnold Schoenberg

To the occasional listener of symphony concerts, Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) is generally known as one of the boldest modernists in the history of music. Surprisingly, however, for many people who delve deeper into his biography, it becomes clear that he was anything but politically progressive.

Fabian Bell

7 min